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This was a blog I set up some years ago when I was working on a book called "Accidental Green". The idea was to gather up stories of people who were green not through intent but accidentally. I got some way in but then other projects took over and it remains unfinished. I interviewed a few people as part of the project. I recall the story of a high flying chap who was making lots of cash and working hard. One day he came of his mountain bike and broke his back. Shock gave way to a long road to recovery. When he found himself better enough to work he realised that he didn't want to return to his old life. Instead he took a low paid job as a gardener for an ecologically focused charity. He reported less outward signs of success but much more joy. His life was shook up and something new, wonderful and unexpected fell out. As we chatted he potted seeds in a sun lit greenhouse and he took me on a walk through the forest to see the badger set he was watching over. He was conn…
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Artist painting plastic bags.

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Socially Engaged Environment 
Artist Anne- Marie Culhane
 Artist doing lots about rivers and carrying waterand stories. Clooty Rags.
Artist taking already available materials and turning them into beautiful things. Roof tiles into pigments for paints. Showing the process as part of the installation.